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Social norms and all other bogus leading to depression in Africa

There is a stigma in Uganda that people with mental disorders have to see things going wrong in their safety net. But then there is a change that is seen as some of them are starting to break the chain of silence by bringing changes in their lives and changes in their habits and surroundings. One of the enjoying rebels was Joseph Atukunda who had a life like that but then again not everything in it was happy. Standing in a field twenty-seven years ago he tried killing himself. He thought that he had lost a battle fighting depression. Mental disorder is something very deadly and it could automatically lead one person to commit suicide. There could be many reasons for depression leading to mental disorder depending on various age groups the trend is somewhat different. What people do at the age of 20 to 25 is that they generally fall in love and face breakups that further manifests in seeing a decline in their career. This is what is happening in countries of Africa. Causes of depression after that age could be due to career or family breakdown. Africa is seeing this coming one should just look up in making the best that could come out to be happy. Even if the color of a gem is good then one should definitely enjoy that.

Alain Biwole,

Africa Cup of Nations: Semi-final was ‘war zone’, says Ghana FA

It is reported that The Africa Cup of Nations semi-final between Ghana and Equatorial Guinea was suspended in the 83rd minute following violence between rival sets of fans. The report said that Equatorial Guinea fans threw objects into the Ghana end, causing the visiting support to congregate behind one of the goals and force the referee to bring a halt to the game. Equatorial Guinea,the host nation were trailing 3-0 following goals when supporters of the host nation began hurling bottles into the visiting support. BBC has described the Africa Cup of Nations semi-final between Ghana and hosts Equatorial Guinea as a "war zone" after play was suspended for more than 30 minutes because of crowd trouble. "Players ducked bottles thrown from the stands, Ghana fans sought safety behind a goal, riot police used tear gas and a helicopter hovered over the stadium." "When play resumed, Ghana sealed a 3-0 win to reach Sunday's final, where they will play Ivory Coast, who beat DR Congo 3-1 on Wednesday. Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi blamed Equatorial Guinea supporters for "unprovoked violent attacks" inside the stadium" according to BBC. "We are lucky that we haven't lost any lives, though people have sustained various degrees of injuries arising from objects thrown at them," BBC World Service quote.

harry, porter

Le KAMERUN a vécu hier , Jeudi 5 Février 2015, une des journées la plus triste de son Histoire!!! – Mariane Simon-Ekane

Le KAMERUN a vécu hier , Jeudi 5 Février 2015, une des journées la plus triste de son Histoire!!! Boko Haram a massacré plus de 400 personnes à Fotokol , avec des complicités locales , infiltrées au sein de la population. De plus, de source sécuritaire, les combattants de Boko Haram ont été renforcés par des mercenaires au "teint clair"...des lybiens, des soudanais , des maliens de l'Azawad Yaoundé fait le BLACK-OUT, alors que dans d'autres pays, des journées de DEUIL NATIONAL seraient de rigueur. Ô Kamerun, berceau de mes ancêtres..... RIP, mes frères et soeurs !!! Mariane Simon-Ekane

Mariane Simon-Ekane,