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Child soldiers for initiating mass rebel claiming a lot of civilian lives

PRESS RELEASE Tuesday September 8, 2015 A Common Future for USA-Africa For Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. The 2th Annual US-Africa Cultural Expo and Business Matchmaking will be convened from 19 November – 21 November, 2015 at a time where Africa's growth is attracting global interest, notably from an industrialization perspective. The conference is a high level platform to engage with business leaders. In an ever changing world, one thing is sure: Africa’s 54 countries and the Un

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See-saw game between Boko Haram and Nigerian military

The army of Nigeria at a recent attack has recaptured the town of Baga in the north eastern region that was held by the militants of Boko Haram region since the 3rd of January. In an internet tweet, the army spoke that operations of mopping up were continuing. Claiming in an individual statement, that a lot of militants of Boko Haram were killed that however has not yet been verified independently. What Nigeria says that around 150 people have lost their lives but then again Boko haram has been saying that nearly 2000 people had to l

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Thanks to the Fresh Generation of Leaders, Things Have Started Changing Slowly in the African Continent

The term fresh generationî or fresh breedî of the leaders in the African continent was a slogan that was mostly used during the mid-late 90ís in order to express positivity in these leaders of Africa. Since, the term has fallen off the favor along with multiple leaders the expression was being used. During the period of 80s & 90s, increasingly several†Sub-Saharan nations in the African continent were organizing multi-party elections. After the new leaders were elected, they promised to change their whole continent. This dream was known as

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