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Bigotry Talks At A Tea Stall Standard

Egypt’s highest Islamic institute and its grand Imam called for a bigot reform on religious teaching for tackling the spread of Islamic extremism. Cairo’s University of Al-azhar’s Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayeb has done an historic misreading of the Koran leading intolerant interpretation of the peaceful religion Islam. But then however he wanted all Muslims form all spheres of life to come together and join hands. On the other hand by the way the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah wants the pan-Arab military force to combat terrorism in the name of Islam.   The president at a local news channel said that these extremist forces are rising to an ext level and adequate measures are required for them to get curbed. The reason for this could the huge amount of challenges that the religion faces. But then again he somehow refused to comment on what are the challenges to avoid unnecessarily controversies. He requested all the people with secular and liberal beliefs to also come together and fight such kind of bigotry and terrorism.

Fire Breaking Out At A Gold Mine Left Everybody Astonished

The recent incident at a mining film in Johannesburg has left everybody astonished. It is one of the leading gold mining fields of the country. The nearly 486 workers were brought to safety after eleven hours by Sunday evening that is what was said by Harmony Gold in a statement to a local news agency. The President of South Africa Jacob Zuma expressed severe grievances at this and has declared to pay adequate compensation to the family of the workers who had to lose their lives. The reason of the fire that broke out is still uncertain. But however, the CEO of the gold film said that it could be by some lenience in the maintenance work. From the side of the government there will also be a joint investigating taking place to look into the matter in deep. In part will be the department of mineral resources for establishment of the exact cause. Many association and construction workers union has said that this was however not the first time this kind of incidence has taken place and they were also demanding a strict safety audit for their working safety. Certainly these kinds of cases claim a lot of lives and when they do they remain unsolved most of the time. The hope remains that this will be seeing a change.

President Idriss Deby Itno Of Chad Has Been Elected New Chairperson Of The African Union

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 30 January 2016: The new Chairperson of the African Union (AU), H.E. Mr. Idriss Deby Itno, President of the Republic of Chad, was elected today, Saturday 30 January 2016, by the Heads of State and Government of the African Union, during their 26th Ordinary Session holding in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. President Idriss Debby is taking over from H.E Mr. Robert Gabriel Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, as the new Chairperson of the Union for the year 2016. The newly elected bureau of the African Union is as follows: Chairperson: H.E Idriss Deby Itno.Vice-Chairperson: H.E Paul KAGAME, President of the Republic of Rwanda Fourth Vice- Chairperson: Honorable Hamida Homa, Vice-president of Parliament of Libya Fourth Vice-Chairperson H.E Robert Gabriel Mugabe, President de la Republic of Zimbabwe. During the handing over ceremony, the outgoing Chairperson of the Union, President Mugabe thanked his pairs and his country for the support they gave him during his mandate. He commended the AU Commission under the leadership of H.E Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma for the good work in pursuing the transformation reforms under Agenda 2063 and for the support they gave to his team. President Mugabe said he had the privilege as Chair of the Union to travel all over the continent and beyond. He said, he had the opportunity to visit many African countries and he cherished the moments when he met with the young people who are the future of tomorrow. “It was an honour to guide our Organisation to implement its vision of the Africa We Want”, concluded President Mugabe before handing over the symbols of the Union to his successor, the President Idriss Deby of Chad. “You can continue to count on my support”, noted the outgoing Chairperson. Speaking earlier, the Chairperson of the AU Commission, Dr. Dlamini Zuma thanked the outgoing Chairperson of the Union, for the excellent cooperation and guidance offered during his term in 2015; “including the politics and history classes that punctuated the deliberations, and that kept us engaged”, she underlined. The newly elected Chair of the Union, hailed the outgoing Chairperson for his panafrican spirit and commitment to put Africa’s Agenda at the center of priorities during his term as Chair of the Union. President Deby highlighted in his acceptance speech the major programs to be undertaking during his mandate. He will have among other important duties to ensure the implementation by AU Member States of the theme 2016: African Year of Human Rights with a particular focus on the Rights of Women and the Ten Year Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063. He will further mobilize the continent to implement the AU Agenda 2063 with the view to place Africa as a key player in the world arena.