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Whatever is your hobby you can almost certainly turn it into a fabulous business. But to make a successful transition from a hobby to a business, you need to develop a carefully thought out plan.

Years ago an American entrepreneur turned his first hobby of drawing cartoons into a business making animated movies.

Later the same entrepreneur took up my favorite hobby, model railroading, focusing on very small HO scale (1:87) size trains. Then he became interested in larger model trains and built an outside railroad – large enough to ride on. He enjoyed sitting on his small steam engine and acting as engineer, pulling model train cars carrying guests around his large property.

Finally this entrepreneur decided to turn his model railroading into a business and built an almost full size replica steam railroad to fully encircle his new amusement park – which he named after himself, Disneyland. A key reason for Disney’s success is that he spent years in advance extremely carefully planning out everything about Disneyland.



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