See-saw game between Boko Haram and Nigerian military

The army of Nigeria at a recent attack has recaptured the town of Baga in the north eastern region that was held by the militants of Boko Haram region since the 3rd of January. In an internet tweet, the army spoke that operations of mopping up were continuing. Claiming in an individual statement, that a lot of militants of Boko Haram were killed that however has not yet been verified independently. What Nigeria says that around 150 people have lost their lives but then again Boko haram has been saying that nearly 2000 people had to let go of their lives.

The military deserted and the residents remained undefended when the jihadists were attacking the town. However, the army has been claiming this time that militants fled with some getting drowned in the Lake Chad while trying to escape. Adding that almost a grand of mines got laid in Baga where the soldiers had to negotiate prior entering. Will Ross of the BBC landed in the Nigerian capital for conforming that Boko Haram is not in control of the region anymore. The massacre recently is perhaps the worst in haram’s insurgency of six years.

How many more people are going to get killed? These Islamic bigots in the name of their religion have been doing this time and again. This is perhaps high time that some strict action must be taken.