Goodluck Jonathan under the radar as election is on the cards

Nigeria is predicted to watch one of its highly contested elections on 14th February. This election is rumored to be the closest since the formation of multiparty elections in the year 1999. This year the election will be mainly contested by 2 of the most popular figures in Nigeria. Current president Goodluck Jonathan will be representing PDP (People’s Democratic Party) and Muhammadu Buhari of APC (All Progressives Congress) will be the highlight of the contest. Although, both the candidates faced off in the 2011 elections, which were won by Goodluck Jonathan by a margin of 27%, the expected results are totally different this year.
In the 2011 elections, the opposition votes were mostly distributed, but this time around the opposition looks organized and ready for a fierce competition. Muhammadu Buhari has previously suffered defeat at the hands of PDP candidates. This has not downed his spirit as he tries to make a strong foothold in the Nigerian politics. APC has united some highly popular figures from the southern and northern regions of Nigeria to draw the results towards their favor. The religious and ethnic believes of the country has supported this stance of APC towards some extent. Professor Yemi Osinbajo and Bola Tinubu are some of the highly respected figures of Nigeria that have extended their support towards APC. At the current situation of election affairs the PDP looks weak. Another very important person behind the rise of APC is Babatunde Fashola. He is the governor of the state of Lagos. He is highly respected personnel of Nigeria due to his contributions towards the goodwill of Nigeria.
Besides, the support of these prolific figures, Buhari himself has several advantages over his rival Goodluck Jonathan that will cause some serious harm to the votes. Some important areas of Nigeria that are weak for Jonathan have become the breeding grounds for Buhari. He has made them his strongest areas to favor his position at the elections. Moreover, during his tenure as the head of state, Buhari received enormous amount of appreciation for his fight against corruption. He also made significant contribution towards fight against insurgents. This made him a public favorite for the next president of Nigeria. People began to see a president in the likes of Muhammadu Buhari.
On the other hand, the problems within PDP, corruption and insurgency of Boko Haram have not helped his cause in either way. The high personnel’s of the party have deserted him and have left him stranded as a weak opposition. The growing corruption evidences have made this party grow weak each day. To add to the heat, the growing tension of Boko Haram. The government till date has not been able to deal with this situation. The situation has made the government weak that will break any day. Although, the current situation stands as devastation for PDP, but rumors suggest that Jonathan is planning a campaign to extend the dates for presidential elections. The campaign as of now seems to be of no benefit, but if the elections are contested a defeat is staring at the face of PDP and their candidate Goodluck Jonathan.