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[VENI, VEDI, VICI] Kemi Seba:”Grâce à votre mobilisation extraordinaire partout en Afrique, et à une justice sénégalaise impartiale (malgré les INCROYABLES pressions) , nous sommes acquittés et libérés. La BCEAO et autres amoureux de la servitude qui rêvaient de nous voir incarcérés sont VAINCUS. Merci à ces derniers de nous avoir permis de poser ce débat à un niveau mondial. Comme quoi nos méthodes prétendument scandaleuses permettent de mettre la lumière sur le débat. Cette lutte est un travail d’équipe. Nous mobilisons la rue pour ensuite faciliter le travail des économistes. On est plus forts en se donnant la main plutôt qu’en se tirant dans les pattes. Le combat ne FAIT QUE COMMENCER. Je vous aime à en perdre la vie. Rdv demain à 15h au centre de Mbopp à Dakar POUR UNE CONFERENCE DE PRESSE DURANT LAQUELLE BEAUCOUP DE VÉRITÉS seront énoncées…#ilsvoulaientnousnoyerilsnousontapprisLapnee –

Weah, the 1995 World Footballer of the Year, is already a senator in his home country. The 51-year-old is now standing in the west African country’s presidential election today. He is favourite among the 20 candidates to succeed current leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Weah scored five goals in 15 Chelsea games on loan from AC Milan in early 2000. He joined City that summer, but made just nine appearances after falling out with boss Joe Royle. He previously won a sackful of trophies with AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco, and played 60 times for Liberia. The former striker has already wowed vast crowds at rallies in capital city Monrovia. Sam Mannah, a member of Weah’s campaign team, said: “George feels good and very keen. People everywhere tell him they want to see change. “He stood for election in 2005, and then they said he lacked experience, but the fact he is now a senator plays a big role. “His former football career helps him a lot. It reminds Liberians of a lot of good things. “Back then he helped the nation, funded several hospitals, donated food, helped people move to America and even paid the national team’s players. “People know what he has done, and see him as the man to change their lives.” Liberian newspaper editor Othello Garblah added: “Weah is very popular. He promises to fight corruption, improve education and create jobs. “All the candidates have similar programmes, so voters choose personalities.- A Nigerian court has seized 7.6 billion naira ($21 million dollars) belonging to former Nigerian oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke who is wanted for money laundering. The court ordered on Monday that the money in her local bank accounts be confiscated as investigations of corruption are ongoing.The minister, who is facing a series of cross-border corruption allegations, is suspected to be in the United Kingdom and has not responded to court orders. A group of protesters gathered at the offices of Nigeria’s anti-graft agency the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja demanding the extradition of the former minister to face trial. The convener of the Concerned Nigeria group, Adeyanju Deji told the media that they are demanding her extradition because if she is convicted in the UK, “the jurisdiction may be an impediment to our [Nigeria’s] trial”. He called for all those accused of corruption to be investigated and prosecuted by the EFCC.- Some Beninese youths have burnt CFA franc bank notes to protest the use of the currency in Africa decades after independence. The bank notes are being burnt as a sign of support to Kemi Seba a Franco-Beninese activist in Dakar who was arrested for burning a CFA franc bank note.The CFA franc is used in West and Central Africa has come under heavy criticisms of recent. “We must do all it takes to ensure that the CFA franc is abolished for ever,” an anti-CFA franc activist, Boris Aké said. Kemi Sheba will be grilled by an investigating judge on Tuesday in Dakar. Activists have promised to extend protests to various African countries if he is not freed.“Kémi Seba will keep on suffering if he remains in prison. The more he stays, the more the anger of the youth will increase which could take the fight to another dimension. So I say either the CFA franc should be abandoned with the help of authorities in place or better still our leaders should stand against it and be removed from power alongside the CFA franc,” an activist told the crowd. Kémi Seba was arrested following a complaint from the Bank of West African States. He could be jailed for 5 years if found guilty. Girls are not wives –




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