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Sign up for Video of the Month Newsletter. IDRISS DEBY SE LACHE FRANCHEMENT SUR LA FRANC CFA ET LA FRANCE « Rendre notre monnaie convertible est une décision courageuse que nos amis Français doivent prendre. Dans la coopération monétaire avec la France, il y a des closes qui sont dépassées et ces closes là il […]

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We Stream Conferences, Events, Documentaries and Interviews We Stream Conferences, Events, Documentaries and Interviews. AFTV5 is always looking for your great videos of Africa news. Do you have videos to share with us? . If you would like to submit your videos, email us at

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  • The recent incident at a mining film in Johannesburg has left everybody astonished. It is one of the leading gold mining fields of the country. The nearly 486 workers were brought to safety after elev
  • Egypt’s highest Islamic institute and its grand Imam called for a bigot reform on religious teaching for tackling the spread of Islamic extremism. Cairo’s University of Al-azhar’s Sheikh Ahmad
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